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Do you feel you have the knowledge and time to map out a path to financial success in Canada?
Do you know what to do to achieve your immediate and future financial goals?
If an unexpected expense arose, would you have the financial means to cover it?

International Medical Graduates encounter a rigorous and expensive process of application for medical status within the Canadian healthcare system. A significant portion of graduating IMGs assume over $200,000 of student loan debt to complete their studies (CaRMS, 2010). This, along with delayed entry into the workforce, has significant financial implications for new international medical physicians.

As a newcomer to Canada, establishing your career as a physician doesn’t leave much extra time for anything else, including organizing and executing your financial life. However, to achieve financial success, an actively managed and well thought out plan must be in place.

At Physicians Wealth Advisory, we work with IMG physicians and understand the challenges you face.  We will provide you with a personalized system to get you on track, support and guide you through key decisions, and help you maximize your wealth accumulation and investment potential from early on.

We will help you navigate through and address the following:

· Debt Management

· Budgeting

· Goal Setting

· Retirement Planning

· Tax Planning

· Risk Management & Insurance

· Charitable giving

· Legacy planning

*Insurance and estate planning services provided by Canaccord Genuity Wealth & Estate Planning Services Ltd

Let's discuss your path towards financial success.

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