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Can Switching Medical Records Platforms Save you Time or Money?

Sebastien Chevrier - Jul 28, 2022
Physicians have experienced increased stress and burnout due to the pandemic. Financial health is an important and often overlooked factor to consider in improving physician well-being.

Every year our team here at PWA speaks with dozens of physicians about how to optimize their revenue and savings which, among many things, involves addressing gaps and challenges in their medical practice and operations. One of the common frustrations we hear often is around the cost and efficient use of their EMR (electronic medical records). We hear from our clients that many of the current providers have antiquated solutions that are tough to use, time consuming and increasingly more expensive. These systems are owned and operated by large conglomerates across Canada that provide few improvements to the software and aren’t often open to feedback. It seems the bulk of the EMR space is run by companies and people who are not familiar with the needs of the physicians who use them and are not aware of the workflows of patient - doctor interactions (similar to PWA’s experience in the financial planning space). Physicians need solutions and improvements that are understood and designed by their colleagues and people who know physician’s needs and priorities.

After hearing so many physicians complain about their EMRs we explored the Canadian medical records space to see if there was anyone doing what PWA does for financial planning, but in the EMR space. We found there is!

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